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Dashboard Development

Visualize key metrics from your data and present it to stakeholders.

Risk Assesments

Analyze 100% of the population to create data-driven risk assessments.

Continuous Monitoring

Customize testing frequencies for automated reviews of business and IT controls.


Increase availability for your team to add value by standardizing the audit process.

About Us

Greenskies Analytics works with risk professionals to develop audit analytics, build continuous monitoring procedures, automate processes, and significantly mitigate operational, financial and compliance risks. Our services can benefit any organization looking to gain efficiencies in their risk mitigation approach and increase coverage of their risks.

Internal Audit, Compliance, and Risk Management professionals can partner with us in these areas and more:

  • Industry specific audit analytics
  • Automating routine audit procedures to allow for more value-add procedures
  • HR, AP, AR, GL, inventory, and vendor analysis
  • Marketing and media audit analysis
  • Using analytics to drive the risk assessment process
  • Testing full populations for controls effectiveness
  • Dashboard development
  • Providing greater coverage of your compliance regulations
  • Testing the accuracy and completeness of reports
  • IT General Controls design and testing

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